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The municipality of Kalundborg helps industry cut costs


Environmental cooperation in Kalundborg on the West coast of Zeeland (Sjælland) has proved to contain big gains for industry. By using each other’s waste products the companies save both money and help the environment. The municipality is facilitating this cooperation.

From crisis to new development. This is the result of cooperation to protect the environment in the Danish portal town Kalundborg that has helped the municipality change matters and the companies earn money.


At the moment approximately 35 projects in the area of energy and more efficient  use of resources are running in Kalundborg and these are estimated to give savings to the companies in the range of 600 million/1 billion Danish kroner a  year.

The environmental cooperation is known as Kalundborg Symbiosis and is thought to reduce CO2 emissions in the Kalundborg area by 240 000 tons. One of the partners is the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk employing about 3 000 in Kalundborg. In March they announced that they are investing a further 380 million Danish kroner in their plant there. (News Øresund).

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