20 maj 2019 News Øresund - oberoende dansk-svensk nyhetsbyrå

More Swedes getting work in Denmark

svenska jobb i danmark

More Swedes getting work in Denmark Number of Swedes employed in Denmark for the first time from January-August. Source: Danish Tax Authority (Skat)

The positive effects of Denmark’s increased economic activity have started to spread to the other side of the Øresund. In 2014, Danish employers have showed increased interest in Swedish applicants when recruiting personnel. The number of Swedes being employed in Denmark for the first time is on the rise from a historical low.

In the first months of 2014, a total of 386 Swedes who had never before worked in Denmark switched from a Swedish to a Danish employer. New statistics from the Danish tax authority (Skat) show a 29 per cent increase compared to the same period in 2013.
The current influx of Swedish employees is an increase from an all-time low. The number of Swedish employees registered in the Danish workforce was at its lowest in 2013, second only to 2005. (News Øresund)

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